Platform Video Streaming
Support Peer-to-Peer

This platform support VOD/Live video streaming on own server, we can build a system for 200k CCU with only one server.

We provide Solutions and Optimization for your projects with good price.
We design system machine and integrated software on machine system for VOD/Live

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10k Users realtime
20k Users realtime
40k Users realtime
200k Users realtime
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About Us


Support Setup

- Free setup Platform Video Streaming.
- Support and provide server for own/live stream.
- Support remote upload file from: google, openload, youtube...

Protocol Streaming

We support:
- MPEG Dash
- Live Stream...

P2P technology

With P2P, your system can handle over 200k CCU.

Our Solution:

We have the best solution for video streaming online, we provide: server, platform, don't worry about that.
Let we know your budget, users realtime, storage video then we send a good plan to you.